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Pyrotechnics Training for Fire Enforcement Personnel

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This course has been provided to regional fire enforcement personnel and fire marshals for over 15-years. It focuses on both basic identification of pyrotechnic materials and equipment and has an extensive and hands-on live fire, field exercise component. Field exercises include both demonstrations and actual, hands-on set up of segments of a pyrotechnic display. Pyrotechnic materials account for a significant percentage of fire enforcement workload and contribute disproportionately to injuries and accidents. This course is designed to provide the student with a practical working knowledge of pyrotechnics so that hazards may be identified and safely mitigated. The course provides training on inspecting pyrotechnics display sites, accident investigation, and code interpretation and enforcement (NFPA-1123, 1124, 1126, 160). A section on post-hoc analysis of industry accidents using a case-study methodology of actual incidents is included, examining both display and proximate fireworks incidents.

The lead instructor and principle author of the course textbook, Dr. John Steinberg, has been a licensed lead display operator for 25-years. He has been a co-author of NFPA codes 1123, 1124, 1125, 1126, 1127, and 160 for over 20-years, serving on the NFPA Technical Committees on Pyrotechnics and on Special Effects. He has written state licensing exams and has been teaching fire enforcement official for over 15-years. Dr. Steinberg serves on the Maryland Explosives Advisory Council within the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal. He is assisted by Thomas Handel, a retired Naval Intelligence Officer and other skilled instructors.

*There is a minimum participation requirement of six (6) students for this course to be held.

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